Deceit & Disruption

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Deceit & Disruption Print

Year: 2017
Run Size: 200
Part of Set: none
Size: 18x24
Paper: Speckle Tone Paper
Print Type: Screen Print
Release Date: 07/19/2017

From Obey Giant:
Francisco Reyes Jr. and I have been working together for several years now, and we frequently talk about politics and social issues. When Cisco presented the concept of the Disruption and Disorder series as a possible collaboration, I immediately loved the power of the symbols used to call out the villains and their tactics. As America has moved toward a corporatocracy, the tactics of politicians like Trump and many corporations to brazenly undermine fact, science, and reasonable debate by spreading chaos and disinformation to advance their own agendas over the well-being of the public has become even more pervasive. When greed, disinformation, and indifference become the status quo, it is time to dissent. I really enjoy illustrating skulls and fire, so this art as a small act of dissent was a bit of visceral therapy. Cisco and I are both intensely frustrated with the state of politics, and I’m glad we were able to collaborate and bond with a bit of artistic resistance! – Shepard

The Disruption and Disorder series was inspired by the divisive rhetoric and dog whistles President Trump uses to manipulate the media. As a first generation Mexican-American, the hate spewed from then-candidate Trump was appalling on a deeply personal level. I thought that surely such a hateful man would never win the election. How wrong I was! On November 8th, I watched the nightmare unfold in complete shock and disappointment. In the past, my work has displayed political undertones, but never as blatant as in this collaboration. I felt compelled to address my discontent and grievances with President Trump, so I ran the concept of a collaboration by Shepard and he was down.

Given his history of overtly political art and sticking it to The Man, I knew Shepard would be familiar with where I was coming from. I was 16 years old when President George W. Bush was elected—this was also the time I began to really pay attention to the political climate of this country. 9/11 further solidified my interest, and it was around this time that I discovered Shep’s work. His criticism and satire of the Bush administration paired with the aesthetic and message of his work was (and continues to be) inspiring.

Fast forward 16 years—I have now been working under Shep for the past 5 ½ years and in this time, he has nurtured and facilitated my growth as an artist. The discipline and techniques I acquired through his guidance have now come full circle and manifested in this collaboration—it is a direct criticism of Trump’s America. I hope the message will resonate with others just as it did for me so long ago. – Francisco

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