Old Obey

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Old Obey Print

Year: Unknown year
Run Size: unknown
Part of Set: none
Size: 18x24
Paper: unknown
Print Type: Screen Print
Release Date:

According to Shepard he was unhappy with this print and never released an edition. Therefore, most of the prints that are circulating are unauthorized prints from stolen screens. Shepard asked forum member lb1469 to pass on this information and also stated that no one should buy any of these prints and that he would no longer sign them, as someone is profiting from his stolen property.

From Jason Filipow, aka The Obey Bachelor:

The silkscreen itself isn't in question, but the print. Any prints of this image that are circulating aren't signed and no more will be...this print was never officially released, hence no signatures. One of Shepard's former (possibily disgruntled) screenprinters has been selling them without (to my knowlege) authorization. End of story.

From Shepard himself:

The forum info [meaning the information stated above] is slightly off. I had them printed by [name removed] and I didn't like them so I never released them. I signed a couple for friends, but [name removed] stole a pile of unsigned ones and tried to sell them.

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