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Oxone is one of the biggest home appliance brands in Indonesia that serves the community by providing lots of products in many categories, such as electronics, hardware, homeware, kitchenware, cookware and even for living rooms.

Founded in 2001, Oxone’s vision was to become one of the leaders in the home appliances industry that is dominated by other generic international brands. We try to be innovative to ensure our new and loyal customers could always be supported by our wide-range of quality products.

As a result, Oxone selected as one of the main sponsors in the biggest cooking competitions in Indonesia - Master Chef and Master Chef Junior. This selection was made on the Indonesia wide awareness of our quality products, safe equipment and their use in a professional and commercial environment.

In 2014, Oxone was also selected as a Top Brand Awards in 2 types of products categories which are the Knife and Water Purifier series.

Oxone is also proud to be a supporter of many local charity programs to help the community grow and helping to build a better Indonesia.

In terms of product service, Oxone can be found across 4 major outlets and we also cooperate with 12 counters across Indonesia such as SOGO, Best Denki, Electronic City, to ensure our customer satisfaction and reach is well maintained.

We hope you also enjoy Oxone products, whether you are new to us or if you have ever purchased even a single Knife. We strive towards providing quality products directly to you. Our motto - "Be A Chef For Your Home".