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In May 2000, a few select prints were reissued. These reissues were all signed 2000, noted AP, and printed in only red and black. Though the original pieces were printed on bright white paper, the reissues were printed on cream paper. Only ten of each of these prints were produced. These reissues were to commemorate these prints being issued as fine art pieces on metal at the "Obey Propaganda" show. This show, at The Merry Karnowsky Gallery, ran from May 27th to June 24th, 2000, and displayed new works by Shepard Fairey with Ron English. In one case, the print was slightly changed. At this time, the only known reissues are as follows:

  • Che
  • KISS (Yellow part of fire was changed to white)

Shepard notes that all reissues were done in two colors only, on cream paper, and that any other print thought to be a reissue is just a misdated original.