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Saddam Print

Year: 1998
Run Size: 100
Part of Set: none
Size: 18x24
Paper: unknown
Print Type: Screen Print
Release Date:

From Supply and Demand, pg. 106:
I made the Saddam Hussein image in 1997 based on a photo I found in a magazine. In the photo, a crowd of soldiers carries a portrait of Saddam, in which he’s smiling and looks very benevolent and fatherly. I found it interesting to see the contrast between The ways he’s presented in Iraq and the U.S., where he’s glorified on one hand and vilified on the other, and I can only imagine that the truth lies somewhere in the middle. Looking at the picture over the past few years, I’ve often thought about the similarities between the representations of Saddam and George Bush in their respective countries versus their images abroad, and how everything gets manipulated for the sake of political goals. A lot of people didn’t really get that, though. They thought it was supporting Saddam, because the mere use of an image causes people to presume that the perpetrator of the image endorses its subject matter.

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