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A punk rock band which has played a large role in Shepard Fairey's life. At the age of 15, one of the first stencils he ever made was of Sid Vicious. Over the years, Shepard has done numerous prints of Sid and the Sex Pistols. Currently, Shepard works with Steve Jones (former Sex Pistols' guitarist) on the magazine Swindle Quarterly.

Shepard Notes:

"The interesting thing about Sid is that he did not really do much to shape Punk music, yet he remains one of its most enduring images. Sid really had the fashion image down, but he only actually plays on two songs on Never Mind the Bollocks. Sid is a classic example of style over substance. I was a sucker for his image. At age 15, one of the first stencils I ever made was Sid with the spiky hair, lock chain, and snarled lip Billy Idol copied. I guess the press really helped blow his image out of proportion when he allegedly killed his girlfriend and then overdosed. I look at Sid as less cool and more tragic these days, but he still sold more tee shirts than anyone else in Punk Rock. Sprite was wrong...image is everything!"

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