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Earth Crisis Large Format Print

Year: 2019
Run Size: 89
Part of Set: 30th Anniversary Large Formats
Size: 30x41
Paper: Custom Cotton Coventry Rag
Print Type: Screen Print
Release Date: 06/18/2019

From Obey Giant:
According to co-curator of "Facing the Giant: Three Decades of Dissent," Pedro Alonzo: In November 2015, Shepard unveiled his latest public art installation "Earth Crisis," a giant sphere suspended between the first and second floor of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Designed in honor of COP21 – the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference, the massive sphere was inscribed with a mandala-inspired design decorated with floral motifs and a silhouette of the iconic Parisian landmark. The original design that inspired the Parisian installation can be seen in the print here, which was created in 2014 to benefit the Natural Resources Defense Council to aid in their efforts to influence legislation to protect the environment. Shepard re-designed the original black and white design, adopting a blue motif to heighten the teardrop element and alluding to the importance of sustainability in clean air and water. This emblem serves as the central shield depicted within the larger Paris installation.

Earth Crisis. Serigraph on 100% Cotton Custom Archival Paper with hand-deckled edges. 30 x 41 inches. Signed by Shepard Fairey. Numbered edition of 89. Comes with a certificate of authenticity. $900. A portion of proceeds will go to Available Tuesday, June 18th @ 10 AM PDT at Max order: 1 per customer/household. *Orders are not guaranteed as demand is high and inventory is limited.* Multiple orders will be refunded. International customers are responsible for import fees due upon delivery. ⁣ ALL SALES FINAL.

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