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Gift Prints Print Set

Year: Various
Run Size: unknown
Size: Various
Paper: unknown
Print Type: Screen Print

Beginning with Monkey Pod Gold in 2005, Obey Giant has sent a variant gift print to friends, family, and business associates during the holiday season. In response to the question, "Who receives gift prints?", TheOmethod, Obey Giant associate and moderator, stated, "Clients of: Obey Clothing, Studio No.1, and select clients of Subliminal Projects. In addition close friends and family of Shepard's."

Prints in This Set: Mandala Ornament 1 Gift - Mandala Ornament 2 Gift - Monkey Pod Gold - Obey Elephant Gift - Obey Peace and Love Ornament Gift - Peace Fingers Gift - Peace Tree Gift - Vivi La Revolution Gift - Yen Pattern Gift