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Our print database currently has over 750 prints listed and our fine art gallery has over 580 pieces on display.

About TheGiant.Org

Welcome to The Giant's wiki site. This encyclopedia's goal is to encompass all things Shepard Fairey and Obey Giant. This is a community-based website which allows free editing of content. Our efforts here are strictly voluntary, so please don't deface this site. We welcome you to add, change, or modify content to better suit the needs of fellow posse members.

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About Obey Giant

Obey Giant is a street art campaign and an experiment in phenomenology by artist Shepard Fairey. Its sole purpose is to make people question their surroundings. Shepard started the campaign in 1989 while attending RISD (Rhode Island School of Design). Though his "experiment in phenomenology" is pushed through stickers and prints alone, Shepard's other artistic works often include fine art, screen prints (including Band Prints), skateboards, clothing, and toys. Although many of these works include imagery from the Obey Giant campaign, they are not regularly considered part of it.

Newspaper and magazine articles written about Shepard Fairey and Obey Giant can be found in our press archive. Other obey related sites can be found in our links section. If you have an Obey Giant or Shepard Fairey related site, feel free to add it to the list!