Bob Mould

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Bob Mould Print

Year: 2008
Run Size: 500
Part of Set: none
Size: 18x24
Paper: unknown
Print Type: Screen Print
Release Date: 03/05/2008

From Obey Giant:

"Bob Mould was the guitar player and co-songwriter of Husker Du, one of the most progressive hardcore/indy bands of the 80’s . Originally one of the most successful bands on SST records, they were one of the first American indie bands to sign to a major label and are credited with paving the way for bands like Sonic Youth, The Pixies, and Nirvana. I borrowed Husker Du’s Zen Arcade album from a friend my 10th grade year and quickly collected the rest of their catalog. I especially recommend their album Flip Your Wig. After Husker Du broke up Bob went on to form Sugar and now performs solo. His new album District Line is awesome. Check it out at The edition is 500 with 250 available through Obey Giant and 250 going to Bob’s tour." -Shepard

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