Monkey Pod Canvas Unique

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Monkey Pod Canvas Unique Fine Art Piece

Name: Monkey Pod Canvas Unique
Year: 2009
Description: stencil collage on canvas
Edition: 1
Size: 44x30

This was sold via auction. As posted on

"Shepard Fairey recently completed this beautiful canvas for an at-risk youth organization auction we are holding next month. The auction is private, however I wanted to share this amazing piece with collectors and those who appreciate his great work. If you would like to participate in the auction please follow the directions below. The Monkey Pod (Green Version) canvas was completed by Shepard in March 2009 and is with all canvas pieces a unique 1 of 1, 44" x 30" Canvas Framed. The funds generated from the sale of this piece will be donated to a youth program for at risk teens suffering from abuse, drug and alcohol addiction, and gang involvement. Unfortunately, the purchase of this piece will not be tax-deductable. I'm sure you are well aware of the rarity of having an opportunity to acquire a canvas piece, if you are interested in this rare chance to put this amazing canvas up on your wall please respond with your contact information (name, direct phone and email) via a PM. The piece will be sold to the highest bidder on April 11, 2009. The canvas is the exact one Shepard is holding in the photo below (has since been framed)."

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