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  • 50 Limited Edition 8" available
  • Designed by a company called BearBearQ, and made by TOY2R for the Qeedrophonic exhibits
  • 450 Limited Edition 3" were available at
  • Packaged in a clear window box
  • All toys are signed and numbered
  • OX-OP series
  • Some claim fewer than half made it stateside, and even fewer survived the opening bashes in Minneapolis and L.A. for QEEDROPHONIC
  • The BearBearQ (Bear style) qee was Created in 2001 by Steven Lee

Sub-Version 1 - No. 9 - Cat
Sub-Version 2
Originally released at the San Diego Comic Con 2005 - Dog
Sub-Version 3 - Bear

Qee History

Jan 2004
"International Design-A-Qee" Design Competition London Announced
2" Qee "New Year Lion" Designed by Alec Ling Announced
2" Tower Records Qee, Designed by Ann/Angle Devil Announced
2" Qee KidRobot Brooklyn Artist series 2 Announced
2" Swatch Qee, Designed by Semper-Fi Announced
2" Qee OXOP Artist series Announced availbale to Market worldwide
Haze XXL
Shepard Fairy/Obey Giant
CSA Design
Aesthetic Apparatus
Jeff Soto
Saiman Chow
Glen Barr

April 2004
Hong Kong Toycon exclusive:
8" Qee OXOP Artist Shepard Fairy/Obey Giant Announced
6" GalleColle 001 "GAS CURRY & SPICE" Rockstar
Red/Glow white version Autographic by MAD Barbarians
2" Qee Hollystar Toycon Multi color and mono color Announced
2" Qee Ward Records x Green Label Relaxing in music album Cover Announced
3" Baby Qee Popo x New Monday exclusive color in Pink and Blue Announced
"Ontwerp een Qee" Design Competition Netherlands Announced
GalleColle Exhibition at LAPNET, Laforet Tokyo Japan
3" Gallecolle GalleColle Fun Kit Spicy Dog + 5 Designer Card pack 2 color version Announced
6" Gallecolle 001 6" Gallecolle Gas Curry & Spice Rockstar Exhbition version Announced
6" GalleColle 002 "OYASAI WARS"- killer tomato & mini tomato by Dehara Yukinori Announced
6" Gallecolle Gas Curry and spicy " No Music No Life" Tower Records exclusive Announced
6" Gallecolle Gas Curry and spicy " Rock Star" Tower Records exclusive Announced

Aug 2004
Toy2r World Wide Tour @ Hong Kong The Sun Arcade TST 8/5-19
2" Qee Hollystar Qee The Sun Multi color and 2 Mono color
2" Qee Top2Tummy Toyer (Blue version) Desgined by Semper-Fi
2" Qee FANG WOLF Brown version Designed by Touma
TEE2R Designer T-shirt by Jaime Hayon, Rolito and Touma 6 styles color White
Toy2r World Wide Tour @ Obey Gallery Los Angeles 8/14-29
2" Qee Hollystar Qee Los Angeles Multi color

Sept 2004
Who's Next Show, Paris 9/3-6
2" Qee Who's Next Bear
2" Qee Who's Next Egg
2" Qee Mutafukaz Toyer Desgined by Semper-Fi (Clear, Glow in Dark, Red and White version)
2" Qee Swatch Series 2, Designed by Mad Barbarians, A.D.Punchalski/Angel Devil and Toy2r
2" Qee Nakedman of Movice released in Japan
2" Qee FANG WOLF Gold version Designed by Touma
2" Qee FANG WOLF Black/Silver version Designed by Touma
2" Qee Kncukle Bear Balck/Silver version Designed by Touma
2" Qee FANG WOLF Orange version Designed by Touma
2" Qee Benetton Monkey Qee with Hair 4 color
2" Qee Japanese Artist Egg Series Wave 1 - 3 styles
2" Qee MonQ Monkey Pink Hair Japan version
2" Qee MonQ Monkey Green Hair Japan version
2" Qee MonQ Monkkey Pink Hair Black T Playlouge version exclusive
5" Baby Qee - Blue Cross x Toyer Monkey Girl Baby Qee (3 color) Announced
6" Rolitoboy RolitoSUN Yoyamart version
8" Qee Cheshire Cat Blue version Mass Market
8" Qee Cheshire Cat Purple version Tower Record Excluisve
8" Qee Obey Bear OXOP Qee
8" Black Kncukle Bear for GEISAI 9/12
8" Qee Killer Cat Desgined by Danny Chan
8" Qee OXOP Artist Dalek Blue London version assoicated with BEST gallery

Jun 2005
2" Qee IT Girl Bear
2" Qee UK series (20 styles)
2" Qee Clutter Magazine
2" Qee Kncukle K-1 flighter
2" Qee Venus Fly-Trap Bear
2" Qee ePay Bear
2" Qee Monkey Skateboard Glow
2" Qee Barcelona Bear
2" Qee Nokia (5 styles)
3" Deady Baby (2 styles /set)
6" Rolitoboy - OXOP version
8" Qee Tim Biskup
8" Kncukle Bear K-1 flighter
8" Qee-Baseman Bear
8" Qee-Shag Cat
8" Qee Obey Dog
8" Qee Ham Slammer
8" ODM Toyer
Toy2r DIY Expo @ Amsterdam, Holland (Date : 6/1-6/3)
invited Artist Rolito/Semper-fi
Toy2r DIY Expo @ London, UK (Date : 6/6-6/27)

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