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Speedoguy's Contributions

About Speedoguy

SPEEDOGUY is an awsome human being and new found christian. He resides in norwalk, california (los angeles) where he enjoys many simple things in life, one of them happens to be collecting shepard's artwork. His username does not stand for what most people think (he does not enjoy wearing speedo's) it actualy comes from his occupation, he is a speedometer repair man (that thing that tells you how fast you were really going when you got your speeding ticket). He also has the worst spelling and grammer skills of anyone else in this forum.

prints that he owns include

1) Greetings from Iraq

2) Rose Soldier

3) Guns and Roses

4) Molotov Man

5) Pennywise (signed by the band)

6) 50's Guy

print that he wants to trade really,really bad

1) LL Cool J Red