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Adopt Gold Print

Year: 2009
Run Size: 400
Part of Set: none
Size: unknown
Paper: unknown
Print Type: Screen Print
Release Date: 09/24/2009

The tag on the dog's collar was originally planned to list the date of President Obama's adoption of a shelter dog, but it was changed to state "Lead by Example" after the President instead adopted a purebred pooch.


Following the tremendous response to the original red and blue Limited Edition ADOPT image release earlier this year, we are pleased to announce the upcoming release of the "LEAD BY EXAMPLE" ADOPT print.

"Homeless pets urgently need us to take the lead and speak out on their behalf, now more than ever! The "Lead By Example" ADOPT image is a powerful one and it is my hope that this new print will give people a way to advocate for these animals and show their support for pet adoption." -Shepard Fairey

According to spokesperson Dr. Pia Salk, who initiated the on-going collaboration with Fairey, “Shepard’s dedication to all victims of injustice, regardless of species, provides an example of what it means to ‘Lead By Example’. “The‘Lead By Example’ image is really a call to action to raise awareness for the plight of shelter animals nationwide. The economic downturn is hitting these animals harder than ever. Record numbers of loyal family pets are being relinquished to already overcrowded shelters.”

Salk adds, “Sadly, these innocent victims are paying the price for our crisis with their lives. We at are more committed than ever to getting the millions of great shelter animals currently waiting to be adopted, into loving homes. Proceeds from the print purchase will help support pet adoption.” Signed/Numbered Screen Prints (limited edition run of 400) will be available for sale at a random time on Thursday September 24th, 2009.

Each print will be numbered and signed by Shepard Fairey and will be $200.

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