Ducky Waddles
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Taken from the Ducky Waddles Emporium website:

Ducky Waddle's Emporium is located in Encinitas, California. We offer books, art and unusual gift items. As a book store specializing in items not easily found in other stores, we have many areas of specialty including: art, design, architecture, tattoo and body modification, photography, erotic art, poetry, drama, reference, sports, California, Baja California, pop culture, gay and lesbian fiction and non fiction, auto and hot rods, skateboarding, surfing, television, film, sexuality, erotica, Betty Page and pin-up art, science fiction including Star Wars, Star Trek and TV S/F, Tolkienana, vampirism, horror, alternative fiction, women's studies and fiction by women, black americana, biography, arts & crafts, fashion, cookbooks, music, and religion (with a small "r") including wicca, mysticism, occult, zen, Christian dogma, yoga and more. We also specialize in vintage paperbacks and twentieth century first editions.

Inside Ducky's is The EMPORIUM Gallery. We feature one man gallery exhibitions of local emerging artists but also continually show New Art, Low Ball Art, Pin-up Art and International Folk Art by indiginous cultures from Latin America, Africa and other areas. Please feel free to contact me personally either by phone, fax, or e-mail for your wants or book searches. We do work on our web site daily so refresh your image when you return to our site after being away for awhile.

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