Heaven Dove
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Heaven Dove Print

Year: 2013
Run Size: 100
Part of Set: none
Size: 9x12
Paper: unknown
Print Type: Letterpress Print
Release Date:

As of this writing, this print was only available via online auction on Paddle8, as part of the Pieces of Heaven Auction to benefit The Art of Elysium. The online auction was held 02/01/2013 through 02/20/2013.

From the Paddle8 website:

Shepard Fairey was inspired by Katie Ortega, an 18 year old leukemia patient who had worked with the Art of Elysium during her treatment while in hospital. After leaving the hospital, she donated $3000 that her community raised for her to the charity with the hopes that other children could have the same experiences that she did and find their own sense of "hope". In honor of her spirit and generosity, Shepard created a signed limited edition print of 100.

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