Trusto Obey Cereal
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Trusto Obey Cereal Fine Art Piece

Name: Trusto Obey Cereal
Year: 2013
Description: custom cereal box
Edition: 10
Provenance: random grocery stores in Los Angeles

A collaboration between Shepard Fairey and artist Tristan Eaton of TrustoCorp, these cereal boxes were released as a promotion for TrustoCorp's gallery show at LeBasse Projects.


My friend Tristan Eaton of TrustoCorp and I just collaborated (he did most of the work) on a fun cereal box design. He will be placing cereal boxes in a few LA grocery stores, so look out for them. Also check out the TrustoCorp show at LeBasse Projects in Culver City. Saturday, April 13th, 6-9pm -Shepard Fairey

This week, we'll be continuing our favorite hobby of 'Reverse Shoplifting' fake products into grocery stores, although this time around we've brought some friends along for the ride. First in a 4 part series is a collaboration with our good pal Shepard Fairey. We had the honor of collaborating with him in order to create the OBEY flavored 'Trusto Cereal'. We created our own version of Andre the Giant and Shepard mixed him in with his iconic propaganda style. The bar codes on the box are functional and the back of the box features fun games for the whole family. Enjoy!

We will be dropping 10 signed and numbered TRUSTO / OBEY cereal boxes into grocery stores around Los Angeles at the end of this week. We will post their locations on the @trustocorp Instagram page. First come, first serve and good luck getting them out of the store!

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