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For the print often referred to as Public Works, please see DJ Shadow.

DJ Shadow and Shepard collaborated in 2005 to create Public Works, which is described on DJ Shadow's website as "a DJ Shadow/Obey Reconstruction." A variety of products were released under this project, including buttons, stickers, t-shirts, two prints, and a limited edition box set.

The box set, a limited edition of 450 priced at $169.99, included the DJ Shadow Funky Skunk mix CD, five t-shirts printed on American Apparel stock and tagged as Obey Clothing products (the fifth was a box set exclusive and featured a George Bush as Grim Reaper design), the Obey Giant Post No Bills book, stickers, and buttons, all of which were packaged in a silkscreened cardboard box.

The four non-exclusive t-shirts were later released for sale, one per month, on The designs, in order, were navy Portrait (of DJ Shadow), olive Crane (same graphic as the large format silkscreen poster), red Take Action (the same graphic as the small format silkscreen and later used on the Molotov Man print), and black Crest.

Public Works Poster
A sixth Public Works t-shirt that was not part of the box set, the "Crown and Bird" design, was released in December of 2005 and made available on both and

The DJ Shadow silkscreen print was limited to 200 copies and came signed only by Shepard. It first went on sale at the grand opening of Public Works, with a limited supply later appearing on It sold out very rapidly.

An additional, smaller-size print was also release to commemorate Public Works. Released as a limited edition of only 50 and apparently signed by both DJ Shadow and Shepard, this print featured the same graphic later used on Molotov Man. The small format print sold out at the grand opening of Public Works at Kidrobot LA on August 25, 2005.


Official DJ Shadow website
Kid Robot - Public Works Signing

Images of the Public Works merchandise:

Public Works box set artwork
Public Works box set top
Public Works box set artwork
Portrait T-shirt
Crane T-shirt
Speaker Crest T-shirt
Take Action T-shirt
Set exclusive Bush Reaper T-Shirt
Non-set Bird Crest T-shirt
Sticker Pack - limited edition of 116
Button Pack - limited edition of 150
Sticker/Button Pack - limited edition of 60
DJ Shadow Funky Skunk front
Post No Bills included in Public Works box set
DJ Shadow Funky Skunk back