Andre Hendrix Stencil on Wallpaper

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Andre Hendrix Stencil on Wallpaper Fine Art Piece

Name: Andre Hendrix Stencil on Wallpaper
Year: 1995
Description: sprayed stencil on wallpaper
Size: 18x25

Andre Hendrix is a hand-sprayed piece on wallpaper created by Shepard Fairey in 1995. It is unknown how many were originally made, but at the current time only three copies are known to exist. It is assumed that there would not be many surviving copies due to the materials used and the relative lack of popularity of Shepard Fairey back in 1995.

The second set of detail images, below, are of a piece which was sold at the Power To The Posse show at Dept South & P-House in Tokyo, Japan; May 2000.

Andrex Hendrix was available for mail-order via the Alternate Graphics 1996 catalog. It was listed at $6 + $2 for shipping.

The image in this piece was inspired by John Van Hamersveld's Hendrix Shrine '68, one of the most famous rock posters in history.

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Detail Images