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Ducky waddles has this print. It is from 1997, and is numbered of 14. Shepard had told Mr Waddle that they were all APs.

One sold on eBay

In fall of 2005, this print went up on ebay. It was sold by Beautiful Losers. The print was an AP and was signed 2000. It is believed at this time (pending further knowledge) that this print was unsigned, and unnumbered. Selling the Lot of prints in 200 to a japanese retailer, Shepard probably signed the print at that time, and just marked it an AP.

Old Text

The text once read:
This print, featuring "The Giant" in The Beatles font, was released four years after The Beatles set; however, due to the connection in style, it is considered by many to be the fifth Beatles print. Only 14 were released and all were marked AP. This print also bears a likeness to the Reissues (also released in 2000), and was probably released around the same time. For more information about the set, see The Beatles